New Beginnings – Fall 2022

For most folk fall has become a time for new beginnings…almost more than New Year. That is the case for the fall of 2022 for everyone in my immediate family. Our youngest son, Thomas started a new job as a high school Electronics Teacher. Zee, his new wife / partner, started a new job as a MD in a couple urgent cares here in Winnipeg. Linda, my partner / wife, will probably start a new job as a supervisor in HSC, Winnipeg’s largest hospital – after beginning her well earned retirement in spring ‘22. With 40 years of nursing experience she has much to offer and feels she wants to contribute due to nursing shortage…go Linda go. Recently we celebrated our first granddaughter, Adley-Jo’s, first birthday with her parents in Nova Scotia. Joel, our eldest son, begins the fall as a brand new PhD candidate and Kathleen – his wife / partner of almost 10 years – started work again, after a year of maternity leave. She also starts fall ‘22 as part owner of the counselling business she works for / with. Life is certainly rich and full for us all.

This is my first blog after my lengthy announcement in January re: the postulancy in the Order of Common Life (OCL – No doubt many of you are wondering why I haven’t blogged since…I wonder too.  A quick synopsis of those months is – the postulancy went well. I managed to get to the bi-weekly zoom meetings, watch the weekly information videos by Jared and even journaled most weeks … all that was expected of me, much better than last time. Seems when the postulate is ready the postulancy takes. There seems to be a deeper felt connection with the folk in our cohort than many of my other zoom encounters which was one of the subtle confirmations that OCL is a good place for me to be. My next blog will be more about the postulancy and subsequent decision for novitiate, if you’re interested, read on and comment, ask questions, etc.

SO – my new thing for fall of 2022 is – after careful consideration, prayer, meditation, reflection, conversations I have decided to start the fall of 2022 as a novitiate in OCL – actualizing a long time desire to be part of a religious order. I’m still years from becoming a vowed member but whatever the outcome it will be a wonderful time … joy in the journey. (thanks Michael Card. ) This decision comes with some anxiety … Can I do it right? … and excitement as I open my heart, mind, soul, spirit, body to whatever Love (my latest naming for the Source of All) will do in my life.

Like any good religious order there are expectations for novices including doing a course of study and the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises – a 32 week spiritual experience / practice which I’ve been interested in for years. I’m going to do the exercises first and am blessed that my present spiritual director just finished training to accompany folk in the exercises. Our first weekly meeting is tomorrow. Thanks be to God…or Love as the case may be. This discernment process highlighted that my deepest soul / heart’s desire is to be open to the love that created the universe and a commitment to do whatever Love invites me to – and OCL seems to part of the invite – so here we go. One of the other expectations is to meet with a group of novices monthly and it’s great there are 3 other novices in Winnipeg. My pilgrimage continues, with new companions and Love only knows what awaits me round the bend…

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