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Words from someone close to my heart

It does a fathers heart good to read spiritually mature words from his son. When I re-read it today I  felt I needed to share it on my blogs, here and Grace Bible Church Where is Truth? Does it Exist? … Continue reading

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And the lost heart stiffens and rejoices – T. S. Eliot

In a random reading of T. S. Eliot, I came across those words. (we have a copy of Selected Poems, Faber, 1954, in our stack of bathroom reading) I like to write where, when and why I buy books and … Continue reading

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The Heart beneath is teaching…

O solitude of long                                                                                                                          Where love has been confined                                                                                                          Come healing of the body                                                                                                                 Come healing of the mind O see the darkness yielding                                                                                                              That tore the light apart                                                                                                                Come healing of the reason                                                                                                              Come healing of the heart O … Continue reading

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