Musica Divina – 26oct21

The Heart of God - song by Alana Levandoski | Spotify

Source: Musician: Alana Levandoski – The Heart of God, from album – Beyond I Make All Things New.

Lectio: initial words / lyrics that spoke to me from this song:

The heart of God has been revealed, to bring love not hate, pour out not dominate; to forgive, not blame; make whole, not shame; Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah; the heart of God has been revealed.

Meditatio: after silence this is what I feel these words mean for me, personally and possibly others:

– bring love, pour out, forgive, make whole / saved – hallelujah. This is the good news Jesus revealed about God’s heart and the way to live, once I’ve experienced that forgiving, holy making love poured into my heart. I’ve discovered I need to take time to rest in the good news of being loved, forgiven, made whole, washed in the love…then… I can go and do what is I’ve been given to do, what’s in front of me in the moment or scheduled. Being then becomes Doing…maybe I’m Doing the resting and Being the actions – rooted and grounded in love. Either way works for me.

Oratio: my prayer

– LORD thanks for your unconditional love that forgives, saves, continually flows from your gracious, merciful, faithful heart…help me to rest in the love and also love as I have been loved. Forgive me when I hate, dominate, blame, shame. May I have your wisdom so I can lovingly direct – and when necessary, speak (thanks Francis). LIYM thanks for hearing my prayer and answering according to your loving will.

Contemplatio: 20 minutes of Centering Prayer

As I wrote in my 19oct21 blog – one can contemplatively read and listen to other writings, art, music, nature. I found this blog which has good advice how to “listen” to other ways Spirit speaks.

This morning as I listened to what my heart was wanting to listen to – I was led to Alana’s music and this song in particular. May the words I’ve written and meditated on be pleasing to the One in whom I rest and restores my soul with new mercies each morning. AND if you’ve heard something from the song, or my meditation let me know. I’ve come to understand that sharing adds a dimension of reality to our thots and feelings and journalling … hence this blog. Blessings of Peace, Joy and Health

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