Wisdom from St. Benedict and Joan Chittister and Steve Bell and….

Seeing as I borrowed the name of my blog from St. Ben; I had to put a link to his wisdom, in Joan’s words, here.


And some humour for the on going journey from NCR…

And finally some comfort and encouragement from my good friend Steve Bell…


As I’m writing this I’m listening to Steve’s  I Will Not Be Shaken (Psalm Collection) – Psalm 3: Jesus my Glory. It’s a wonderful album for this season.

…But Lord You always are
A shield about my heart
A warrior fierce and free
Surrounding me
In the hour of my dread
You lift my weary head
All trembling subsides
And I cry
Jesus my glory…


…despite the many challenges we have many resources – may we all receive the grace to listenwiththeearofyourheart and be open to experiencing the help that is all around.

May the peace of the Christ be with us all…


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Husband, father, son, brother, listener, seeker, encourager, pilgrim, stained glass artist
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