Day 2 – 7 The dry details

You’ll need a map  of the Camino to get the most out of this blog. It takes a long time to put together something presentable on the net. I’ve discovered that I just don’t have the time to journal,  personal reflections and blogging, public presentation of the walk,  so I’m choosing journaling  and you folk get the dry details plus a few photos which may be worth 1000 words anyway.

Each of these places have as many stories as people we met, plus our experiences getting there, staying there, and the conversations with each other.  However you folks seem to want to blog so this is what you’re getting. You’ll have to take me out for breakfast when I get back if you want those stories.

Day 2 – Tuesday, and  October 13 Day 2 – Villa Mazarife / Albergue San Antonio de Padua to Hospital de Orbigo / Albergue Verde. This was an amazing Albergue full of  peace and love and great vegetarian food.


Wednesday October 14 Day 3 – bussed from Hospital de Orbigo to Astorga / Albergue Verde – then walked  8.7 kms. To Santa Catalina de Somaza /Albergue El Caminante


Thursday October 15 Day 4 – walked from Santa Catalina de Somaza / Albergue El Caminante to Foncebadin / Albergue Monte Irago.  It was uphill most of the way it was quite the walk. Here’s the sunrise at Foncebadin.


Friday, October 16 – Day 5 Took a
taxi for 10 euros each from Foncebadin / Albergue Monte Irago to Molinaseca / Albergue Santa Marina.  We first stopped at Santa Cruz and laid our burdens down then continued. The ride is a story in itself.  This is a shot of the famous bridge in Molinaseca. I’ve just discovered that the pictures are disappearing off my iPhone. This is disconcerting and hopefully they’re there somewhere.


Saturday, October 17 – day 6 Walked from
Molinaseca to Ponferrada – 7.7kms. Then bussed from Ponferrada to Villafranca Del Bierzo to Albergue  de la Piedra.


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2 Responses to Day 2 – 7 The dry details

  1. els says:

    looking forward to taking you out for breakfast when you get back, that way we get to hear at least one of your many stories. Thinking of you both often. Hope Linda your feet will not give you any problems.

    • gsmurphy1 says:

      We’re doing well – physically (feet getting alot of attention) emotionally (feeling relaxed and happy) spiritually (Spirit is everywhere. Sat in on mass in a 4th century church at largest monastery in western world according to book. Good acoustics but a bit garish for me) Looking forward to brekky.

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