Pilgrimage Day 2 – Barcelona, Spain

We took the Barcelona Bus Turistic – double decker bus city tours today. Great ride with commentary – seeing the sights. Good introduction to a very interesting historical city, including Gaudi’s spectacle. Walked up the La Rambia, got our train tickets for Madrid, went to supper at the same place we as last night – different food and drink but good as usual – both times.

I’m happier than this selfie looks like…maybe my face reflects my lack of understanding at Gaudi’s project. Lots of amazing symbolism and very artful which I’m sure God appreciates.

Went into a few other churches in our wanderings – we weren’t lost, just wandering. It was a bit strange looking around like a tourist at the great architecture and stained glass windows. I’m feeling the need to take more time while “visiting” theses sacred places to find a sense of prayerfulness but then again we’re always in the presence of the Holy. True. But there’s something about intentionality that helps the soul more than philosophy. Linda commented that going into the churches and at least taking a moment – is a reminder we’re on a pilgrimage as well as a vacation – which I have a tendency to forget as I cope with a new country, city, language, people, food…It’s all good, not perfect (like my spiritual director says) but good.


Being around lots of churches came in handy as we prayed for Dan and his leg. Thought the color of the Madonna was appropriate seeing as he’s in Africa. Lit some candles for him–electronic candles. Interesting experience that. I’m sure God heard the prayers but putting money in and watching the electric lights come on seemed different than the flickering lights that we saw in so many places today.

Thomas’s birthday today so we stepped off the main Avenue into a little alley  to give him a birthday phone call. This is the mural/graffiti that we stood by while calling


Ended the day going to the subway entrance to make sure we knew how to get to the train we’re taking to Madrid tomorrow – always better safe than sorry.

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4 Responses to Pilgrimage Day 2 – Barcelona, Spain

  1. els says:

    Were you able to go into the Familia De Grada? I think that’s how you spell it.
    Are there many tourists? Your feet feel good? We are traveling with you in spirit.
    We enjoy reading your blog.
    Keep looking up!
    love, Els (Ken)

  2. Tim Frymire says:

    Great to read your blog Steve. I can sense the inner Eyore slipping away as you log the kilometers😀. Tim

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