Words from someone close to my heart

It does a fathers heart good to read spiritually mature words from his son. When I re-read it today I  felt I needed to share it on my blogs, here and Grace Bible Church http://gracebiblechurch.site.aplus.net/wordpress/wp-admin/index.php

Where is Truth? Does it Exist?

Whenever I come back to Winnipeg it is always an interesting experience. For those of you whom have moved away from the place you have grown up and then visited you will understand what I am talking about. I recently described it as something:

‘like listening to a old, favorite song. Past memories, dreams, and realties collide with the actuality of the present, can’t help but be grateful for everything.’

During my time here, the idea of judging others has come to the forefront of my mind. The idea of judging others is always a struggle with the perception of Christian by our Post-Modern society. One of the biggest issues I believe that young people deal with is the struggle of the already negative perception of the Church and of Christians.

At breakfast with an old mentor, our conversation came to this topic and he offered that if we were to have be relationship with people we would be far quicker to a posture of ‘understanding’ instead of ‘judgment’. I believe this is a simplfied concept of ‘grace’, and has a lot of merit. While there is something to be said about the truth of Scripture and being firm in your faith, it is important to understand where people are at and what their motivations are. If we were to ask WHY instead of just saying NO, would this help with people’s feeling of being judged by the Church? Whom are we to judge? Matthew 7:5 would be a good Scripture reference to support this. However, there should also be something said about the idea of offering advice and sometimes seemingly harsh guidance.”this is the way I am” is a popular saying when trying to address personal issues, however God loves us to much to stay in one place. This is the key, it is through ‘relationship’ and a posture of ‘grace’ that we can truly speak truth into the lives around us.

What would this look like if the next generation in the Church devoted themselves to following Jesus example of grace-filled, relational ministry? What would it look like if the older generations within the Church took this posture toward the young people? This might change everything. Thank you.

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