from Richard Rohr

Richard Rohr, OFM@RichardRohrOFM tweeted something today that meets the “heart” criteria of this blo.

His tweet: Although the heart space is interior, it is “a radiating inwardness that does not close in on itself” says Robert Sardello. Yes!

Sometimes when my voice isn’t working to well, a cold virus caught me this weekend…sigh… it’s good to know there are many voices out there saying similar things. Thanks be to God. kinda humbling.

I want this social media thing to be a chance for me to “radiate inwardness” rather than my old way of being closed in. So even if I feel lousy I can still be open to Spirit and her work in my life – I can give and recieve. Still got a bit of radiating goin’ on. TBTG Hope people catch Spirit and her lifeliness not my cold. Not a bad blog for day after Pentecost, considering.

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Husband, father, son, brother, listener, seeker, encourager, pilgrim, stained glass artist
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